Tuesday, 3 July 2012

As promised... photographic evidence from the Concrete Project!

The team! (Minus Austyn)
From left to right: Dan, Me, Kirstin, John and Alice... we are just missing Austyn!

So there we are, standing around our collaborative concrete creation. We lovingly called our project 'Fat Lady Legs', the idea being that by using rings of glass (glass input) to constrict the material tubes (textiles input) we could make columns (architectural input) which could be used in St Peters Seminary to support the deteriorating structure of the building (collaborative output!).

When we started to do drawings we realised that if the inner circumference of the rings was smaller than the tubing that they were placed on, then it would create the elasticated look of tight stockings squeezing on fat limbs. With the results of the test pieces the idea really started to take shape...

Fat Lady Legs are born!

So in preparation for the final pieces, first we made the glass components...

Casting glass onto the marver.
Sand casting.

Then we utilised the effects that printed material could have on the concrete and made ALOT of textiles for the tubes by printing with opaques, foils, elastil and aqua-suede. That was a fun day!

Alotto printing.

Glass rings placed on the printed patchwork tubes.

And after alot of filling, vibrating and rubbing (sounds dirty) finally, we made them! So here is a sexy photo of the team because we loved our columns.

Making love to the camera.
Stubbed out cigarette.
This one was more successful than the other. It has been totally unwrapped of material so the pattern and colour that you see is what has been made by the printed textiles... clever, eh?

Detail of glass rings constricting the material & of pattern left on concrete surface. 

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